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The Route begins in the vicinity of the village of Barcia, in a Vega before entering the town.
Barcia is a small village with the traditional farmhouse of the region, very cubic houses, walls of quartzite and slate masonry, stonework reserved for corners and window frames and doors covered with slate, with typical “cruceiros” at the vertexes.
Among them, it emphasises the “La casa de Aquel Cabo”, constructed in 1762.
The pathway runs parallel to Barcia River by a leafy forest of "carbayos", with the diverse woods with numerous species of brier, gorse, fern, blueberries, etc.
After crossing Barcia River, a gentle ascent starts parallel to the “Rego A Pasadía” which we will reach practically the initial course of the stream and we will cross towards the hillside of the near mount. This way you will get to "El Cortín de Carrelo" from where you can see an excellent view of the area. From here, and in slight ascent we reach the “Pico del Orro”, where you will observe the “carcas”, remains of the mining extractions carried out yesteryear in the area.
Continue the path among oaks, thickly covered with lichens and mosses that witness the purity of the air we breathe. After crossing the “Rego das Listas”, we reach the second "cortín" of our route "El Cortín de Navallo". From the path, you can see a third “cortín” near the road and above the town of Barcia.
From this part of the trail, you can see an excellent landscape, typical of Los Oscos, with meadows that belong to Quintá, with its small chapel and its millennium yew, the neighbouring mountains and the small valley of Barcia with the river and its Vegas.
The Route descends again towards Barcia River and after crossing a bridge we reach the road that takes us back to Barcia.

Difficulty: Moderate (circular route)
Distance: 9.2 Km
Time: 3 hours 50 minutes

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