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This route leaves from the centre of the town and capital of the Council: Santa Eulalia de Oscos, where you take the street that leads us north and takes us to the first roundabout of the town, (Wp 2) then we cross the road and we go down a small street (wp3)and, after turning right, we go along a path to the village of Pumares.

Once in Pumares, we enter by the local road that goes to the village to divert to the right in strong ascension by the called Green Path, (wp6) that is marked with white and yellow marks meaning a Small Route. We need to cross the AS-27 (Wp8), to the Millarado Recreational Area, (Wp 10), which is linked with the Carballeiras route.

Continue on the left by road until the town of Millarado, where you turn right (Wp 11) to enter by a descending road to the Barcia River and then climb towards the village of Vega del Carro. Now we will continue for a long time the marks of the route "Forcon de los Ríos".

In Vega del Carro, we look for the shade of the old chapel, (wp 14) located on a hill which we have already been able to see from Millarado. We continue west, by a wide track.
At km 5.2; The route becomes a narrow path that descends gradually towards the encounter of several streams: "Forcon de los Ríos". Two issues to take into account: The technical sections that the route presents, with some other jump and trial zones, and the presence of many walkers in summer. We cross the river in "Forcon de los Rios" (wp 16) and continue along a path until we reach a wide track once again crossing the As-33, which leads directly to "As Casías", passing in front of its tower-house and continuing to end at the village of "A Valía". It is worth to go for a walk and contemplate so much beauty and loneliness...

We leave from "A Valía" in ascent towards the nucleus of San Julián by an old road. In San Julián, we cross the road and continue along the pathway (wp 19) that goes around the town downhill to take a wider path that leads directly to the village of Caraduxe.
Here we can either continue along the road and follow the old route marked PR, (wp20) or take the braver option, which we invite you to turn before the last house and get on a path downhill, a technical and very narrow pathway that goes to the river, on the right we will see others marked signals but we continue down to cross the river and continue on a path, first in climb, that will force us several times to take the bicycle up. At the end of the track, we will see the valley of "As Talladas" on the other side.
It connects with a path by which we go left (wp 22) towards the nucleus of "As Talladas", we follow the concrete track to climb to "Ferreira", where we take its access road as far as we see new PR marks and turning right will take us towards "As Barreiras", we cross the river again to climb towards "Ferreirela", the marks of the PR will help us to follow the route, until we finish again on the road of "Peizais", from here towards Santalla (Santa Eulalia de Oscos) it is already a short walk through an asphalt road.


Total distance: 17,204 Km
Climb slope: 844.82 m
Descent slope: 848.20 m


If you want to enjoy these tours to the fullest, we remind you that you must respect the pedestrians' priority and the traffic regulations on the asphalted sections, as well as the signalling of routes and their direction of travel in those places indicated, like the observations we give you from the route planner.
Let us know if you are planning to do the route on your own at the Tourist Office or any other departure area. Revise your bike, as well as your personal equipment and your mobile phone, and do not underestimate the technical difficulties from these route planners, and perform those routes that are in accordance with your technical and physical ability.
Beware of the agricultural and forestry work and hunters in the area.
When you go through areas of prairies always go for marked trails, if you find any gate or locking, leave them as you find them.
Respect the rules and the cultural and heritage environments, and do not leave any garbage in the area.
If you find any incidence please leave it in the Tourist Office of the area or in the Town Hall itself.

Enjoy the route and nature.

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